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Seal stage face plate, using sealant used white cloth or brush as a tool to seal. Wait about 3 to 4 minutes, let sealant penetration into the stone. Such as sealant is almost dry, then apply some sealant, use clean with dry dishcloth repeatedly, so repeated until completion of the whole panel seal. Take at least two hours after can be sealed. Waiting time depending on the characteristics of sealant. Best sealing range within 4 to 5 square feet. If you need to seal the granite, then need at least two layers. Check whether there is a fully sealed, way is to sprinkle some water on the table panel, such as half an hour, and then dried. If the stones will not darken said seal.

Not all granite need to seal. Drop a few drops of water before seal on the stone to see complete evaporation takes a few minutes. If the water seeping into the stone of time less than 3 to 4 minutes, that may need to be sealed.

With penetrating sealant (also known as dipping machine) sealed granite and natural stone material, can protect a natural stone from deep structure. With this kind of sealant seal or granite and natural stone can directly apply to the stone surface with a soft cloth.

This would be a simple, also does not require conducted by experts, so recommend this sealant to seal the granite.

The sealant will penetrate the stone surface, no traces of coating or film. Inside the stone can be protected, however, can't protect to the surface. This means that the calcium natural stone such as marble, onyx, limestone, and still be corrosion or dim tufa. If the acid such as orange juice or cola will corrosion on the stone.

To the stone surface protection, use stone dedicated natural soap or detergent. Deep clean at regular when natural soap or detergent can form a layer of thin film. Natural plant efficacy as descaling soap soap and stone cleaner, can remove dirt and impurities on the surface of the stone. Difference is that the natural soap or detergent is a mild detergent.

Penetrating sealant with solvent and aqueous type two kinds.

Solvent penetrating sealant has better durability, because they can go into the deep of stones. While water-based sealant, cannot penetrate the stone of the deep.

For dense rock, water-based sealant can't deep penetration, can only stay at the surface. This means that cannot protect the stone for a long time. But the sealant can absorb water stone deep absorption, therefore, water-based sealants for porous natural stone.

Penetrating sealant is the most common protection materials in organic silicon, organic fluorine, etc. These materials will not be affected by external factors, only in the temperature range 900 f to 1200 f or its exposure to the strong alkali solution will be

damaged. By silicone oil, silane and siloxane sealant can remove stain, such as coffee, tea and other water-based liquids.

General type is water-based sealant material containing fluorine, oil resistance, can prevent oily liquid such as fats and oils, etc.

If you are about to seal the granite in the kitchen or natural stone panel, it is best to oil resistant dipping machine. It can reduce the oil absorption speed, but also can prevent oil stone, it will be very good to protect the stone. Some water resistance is better, some are good oil resistance. You can choose according to the specific situation.

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